‘Loudness in silence or quiet commotion.’

In the depths of silence, unheard echoes hide, shattering cries of suffering. Are we truly present to hear them? Can we unveil the stories behind these screams? Every day, millions of cries resonate with distinct voices, but are we truly connected? While thousands of women face abuse annually, society remains indifferent or inadequately involved in providing the help they need. The wounds of these women can penetrate deep into their souls, leaving lasting scars. So, do not close your eyes and ears. If you have witnessed or know of such situations, do not hesitate to offer assistance. Surely, at this very moment as I write these words, someone out there needs our support. Be conscious. 

Model: @xmarabobx 
MUA: @maria.teodora1 
Hair: @bogdanc__ 
Studio: @nonestudiocluj 

With love,
Adalbert 🕊️

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