Every 2 decades, trends & concepts repeat themselves. Our past blends into our present, and we suddenly long for something that is long gone - a simpler time where everything seemed limitless.

Ranging from the classic chunky highlights, zig-zag patterns, messy bangs & butterfly clips we remember so fondly, everything comes back again, and again, and again. We switched the neutral palette for a colorful one and we experimented with curls, locks & everything that is hair.

Like a cycle, we return to the pleasant memories of the past.

And just like that, we found a theme that deeply resonated with us - all of us - for our newest collection. In a present where everyone feels as if the future is no longer such a certain reality, people turn to the familiar and the comforting - the nostalgia. And we did as well.

Having such formative and important years be constantly shaped by the pandemic, constantly living in the shadow of fear and uncertainty, it's only natural that we yearn for the past. The loneliness, the isolation and all the emotions we've been alone with for these past years, have suddenly stopped our steps and turned them towards the 2000s, a time we idealize as being better & brighter. 

Creating balance in chaos & fusing the kitsch with the creativity we've got flowing through our veins, our collection is all about bringing the past into the present, and changing it accordingly. 

This entire project wouldn't have been possible without some incredible people, so give them a proper round of applause!

⚫ Hairgonomy creative team: @costan.razvan_v @vladsarosi@robi_ionut @ioanateanc @darius.brb @alexandrusere@pojarvlad @angela.mihaela_morar @bucur_ 
⚫ Assistant hairstylist: @tudor.marck @lnorberts
⚫ MUA: @karinadurnea @dianamartacmua 
⚫ Photo & video: @adalbertdm @bragovski @raulstansrn 
⚫ Styling: @bogdanxxd assisted by @ancaazanfir 
⚫ Models: @alexandraturna@uvuvwevwevwe_enyetenyevwe_osas @afrezel @dariusiova14@sonianicoara @patibolos @marthaburlui @rawlux_@antonia15509 @ada.havah @dgabrielv @liahorj @mary.p21 

Collection powered by @wellahair_ro & crafted with nothing but care.

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